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:: Master planning
:: Rural planning
:: Environmental impact studies
:: Interior landscaping
:: Exterior landscaping
:: Roof gardens
:: Irrigation
:: Landscape lighting
:: Landscape maintenance


What We Do

Our primary function is to enhance environmental and building projects with landscaping.

Technical landscapes have created much of the profession's contemporary, theory and practise. For example microclimate generation for plants and animals, and the introduction of wildlife into inner city areas. Through environmental impact studies and landscape analysis we provide our clients with sustainable and environmentally aware landscapes.

Design from the ground up

Our design approach is both empirical and based the latest research and technology. Our unique approach combines scientific and technical knowledge with high quality, creative design we produce durable landscapes which may be maintained with the minimum of labour.

Good design are so often let down by poor implementation. We control all aspects of implementation. We also import materials and plants, moving them all round the world ensuring the highest quality execution of our designs.

Whether the scheme is formal or unconventional we begin by defining the possibilities offered by the location and preparing preliminary schemes for discussion with our clients. Through a process of design development the chosen scheme is brought to conclusion ensuring that environmental, cost, maintenance and sustainability criteria are met.

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