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The Heights Business Park

Location: Brooklands, Surrey

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Work on the race track at Brooklands started in 1907. It is still famous for its inclined running surface. At that time the fledgling aircraft industry was developing and a range of new ideas were being developed in the sheds which were grouped in the centre of the site. By the time of the Battle of Britain 80% of the fighter aircraft were produced and 80% of the pilots were trained on this one site. By the mid 80's most of the aircraft production had been moved away from London and already the west half of the site had been cleared and redeveloped as an industrial park, However 75% of the site remained as an aerodrome and an empty factory complex. Technical Landscape were then approached by Trafalgar House Properties to masterplan the site and to 'Out Arlington Arlington'.

The eastern side of the site, where the factory stood, was zoned for B1 office and residential use. Technical Landscape therefore had to design and co-ordinate the infrastructure and examine a whole series of building and car park configurations. Technical Landscapes then prepared the detailed drawings. By the end of the project they were undertaking the detailed road design including street lighting to save time and to ensure perfect co-ordination.

The whole site was landscape to the highest possible standard. Lakes were dug and lined with Butyl Rubber. Beaches were built between the footpaths and the waters edge to give a Japanese effect. Large amounts of fill were used to create earth moulding. Semi-mature trees were imported from Germany to create instant market appeal. When the main works were taking place this project was the largest single consumer of semi-mature trees in Western Europe, even exceeding Euro Disney.

The general landscape includes thousands of trees which were selected for their autumn colour. The shrubs were divided between one third vigorous nurse plants such as willows, one third dense evergreen shrubs such as Cotoneaster and one third spring flowering shrubs such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Over 10,000 Rhododendrons and Azaleas were used on the site. As the soil is very sandy a fully integrated irrigation system with zoned controls was installed. To prevent the sprays being obstructed as the shrubs developed brass sockets were hidden in plastic chambers every 7m across the job. One meter long removable lances were thrust into these sockets to allow the water to cover the whole area. As the shrubs have developed so the lances has increased in length.

The site is now occupied by Sony, and Proctor and Gamble with their European Headquarters as well as a number of new speculative office blocks.

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