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Case Studies

Arlington's Business Park
The site was a wet low lying field which had been used by a local farmer to grow barley. The only landscape was a bedraggled hedge running down the centre of the site beside a shallow ditch.

The Heights Business Park
Work on the race track at Brooklands started in 1907. It is still famous for its inclined running surface. At that time the fledgling aircraft industry was developing and a range of new ideas were being developed in the sheds which were grouped in the centre of the site.

Jacob's Island
The name of the site goes back before the time of Charles Dickens and was the setting for Oliver Twist. Originally it was an inlet from the River Thames which was used for mooring. The site was purchased by Berkley Homes for the construction of apartments.

The Saatchi and Saatchi Building
The building stands on the south side of Berkley Square in the West End of London. The Building has a large atrium at its centre. Although the space is square the corners were cut away to allow light to enter what would otherwise have been a basement level.

Stockley House
This was one of the first atrium buildings to be constructed outside the USA and was the first in England to be fully landscaped. The site was unusual as it was located immediately next to Victoria railway station and had to have a two story road passing through it.

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