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About Us

We have produced designs for large informal lakes and rivers. Our knowledge of ecology means that we can create natural systems which are environmentally sound and require minimal maintenance. We have designed a range of large natural water systems which form the focal point of commercial developments.

Our designs for water treatment systems meet the highest possible purity standards. Our aesthetic skills combined with our ability to relate our clients requirements to the engineering components ensures good financial control at all stages.

All unique components offered by HYDROlandscape are fabricated and tested at our workshops before the final drawings are prepared. This process of testing during the design process ensures that only high quality works are presented on site. Water features are unique in every aspect and so are very workmanship dependant.

As a result we prefer to design the works and then use our own staff to construct them, but we are flexible on such matters. We are able to produce full fabrication drawings for an installation which is to be undertaken by others.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us